Our firm represents companies and organizations that are in environmental certification processes under international regulations, seeking legal environment compliance evaluations or require counsel on the performance and fulfillment of statutory environmental requirements. 

Environmental due diligence assessments is one of our main areas of expertise. In addition, we have been involved in public and private transactions relating to the carbon market, debt-for-nature-swaps, certified emissions reduction deals in the institutional and voluntary markets and environmental services, implementing the required structures or vehicles for their proper development and performance. Furthermore, we have acted as advisors to government authorities, companies and international organizations on environmental matters and affairs. 


Our Environmental practice includes:

  • Environmental, health and safety matters 
  • Due diligence during M&A and international certification process
  • Environmental compliance and performance of laws and regulations
  • Assessment and management of environmental liabilities in corporate and financial transaction
  • Carbon transactions in the institutional and voluntary markets, debt-for-nature-swaps, certified emissions reduction deals, REDD, environmental incentives, forestry projects and environmental services
  • Regulatory compliance with major environmental programs implemented by government authorities and international entities