Our labor and employment department specializes in conflict prevention, compliance, negotiation, crisis management, negotiation and litigation. We have advised on acquisitions and merger integration agreements, immigration permits, expatriate structures together with the firm´s Tax team, as well as labor and employment disputes.

In representing multinational and corporate clients, we have designed a proprietary methodology for performing compliance assessments, labor audits and providing practical advice in designing human resources yearly compliance programs. 

Our Labor and Employment Practice includes: 

  • Advise on compensation plans, employee benefits and stock ownership plans
  • Structuring liquidation of retirement and pension plans
  • Handling of conflict resolution, employee dismissals, immigration, social security issues, expatriates, as well as administrative procedures and litigation
  • Negotiation of all labor related matters, including with labor unions and collective bargaining agreements
  • Active participation in multilateral commissions of diverse nature such as trade unions, private associations and corporate social responsibility organizations