We know that mergers and/or acquisitions are an important source of growth and competitiveness for companies.  In those lengthy and complicated processes to get the deal done, we support our clients in the different stages involved, such as due diligence, risk assessment, mitigation and problem solving, pre and post closing covenants and obligations, potential liabilities, negotiation, sunset clauses, escrow and hold-out obligations and implementation of the optimum legal structure to accomplish the deal.

Our attorneys are highly knowledgeable on M&A matters on a local and international level in different sectors and regulated industries. 

Our Mergers & Acquisitions practice includes: 

  • Advise to a wide range of international and domestic companies and financial institutions in merger challenges and acquisitions deals 
  • Cross- border M&A transactions
  • M&A on regulated sectors, including banking, electricity and mining industries
  • Leveraged M&A´s
  • Privatizations
  • Joint ventures, strategic alliances, implementation of exit strategies, SPAs, SHAs and deal negotiation until closing 
  • Local and international assets and corporate restructuring
  • Tax planning for the purchase of shares, real estate, personal property, on-going business, options and other assets
  • Corporate structure optimization