Hydroelectric Renace II Begins Operations

Hydroelectric Complex “Renace” is a private project in Guatemala that operates in the middle of the Cahabón river in Alta Verapaz. The project includes the construction of four hydroelectric generators and takes advantage of a 740 meter gravitational force of falling water to generate renewable energy.

The first phase of the complex, hydroelectric Renace I, was built in the late 90s and started operations in April 2004 with an installed capacity of 66MW. The second phase of the complex, hydroelectric Renace II, has a production capacity of 114MW from renewable sources. With the recent start of operations by Renace II, it will be possible to rely on new sources of energy and reduce its cost by ensuring long-term competitive prices. Renace II represents an enormous investment, but it was possible to the funding of an international partnership of banks that placed their trust in the renewable energy industry.

In order to ensure the compliance with national and international standards, Hydroelectric Complex “Renace” has implemented a Corporate Social Responsibility Management System. This corporate policy has helped 33 communities and 431,000 families with the enactment of 7 different sustainable development programs and the construction of schools, roads and community centers in Carchá, Alta Verapaz.

Hydroelectric Complex “Renace” is expected to become the largest producer of renewable energy in Guatemala with an installed capacity of 300 MW. To achieve this goal, “Renace” has in place a strategic plan based on the construction and development of new hydroelectric projects, in compliance with the best international practices.

In QIL + 4 Abogados, we are proud to have been a part of this process and reaffirm our commitment to support our clients in the pursuit of their objectives.