Central America and The Caribbean Energy and Infrastructure Finance Forum

Across Central America and the Caribbean, governments are working to meet the enormous demand for energy and infrastructure creating new projects to be financed. The private sector is evolving, with local and regional players taking on a more prominent role and innovative financing solutions being pursued to meet the cost of large projects


To discuss upcoming projects in the region and identify opportunities on this week will be held the 5th Annual Central American and the Caribbean Energy and Infrastructure Finance Forum.  The seminar will cover several new topics on infrastructure development in Central America, including financing trends and alternatives for security packages. Other topics will include the current status of the regional power sector, development of generation technologies and resources, best practices on infrastructure development and opportunities under public-private partnership schemes. Participants will include banks, financing institutions, developers and advisors on diverse fields.

Panels and roundtables will be featuring high level speakers.  Alejandro Cofiño, partner of QIL + 4 Abogados, expert in the Banking & Finance area, will be the moderator of the conference “Transmission: Assessing the potential of a functioning Central American Regional Connection”.  Mr. Cofiño has participated in the financing of several project of the energy sector.