QIL+4 Abogados assisting Guatemalan migrant families through Pro Bono work

Vance center pro bono.jpg

Last week our partner María Isabel Luján attended the "Keep Families Together" initiative at the Cyrus R. Vance Center, which aims to connect the families' legal representatives in the US to local pro bono counsel in the client's home countries. This is a reaction to the "Zero Tolerance" Policy in the US, which causes undocumented children being separated from their families.

During this follow-up workshop, attorneys which are part of this initiative since 2018 discussed subjects such as: 

  1. to explore possible future expansion of the Keep Families Together initiative in other areas of immigration and other legal services representation; 

  2. to consider and determine measures to improve and provide for growth in joint representation of separated families; and,

  3. to strengthen existing collaboration through the exchange of best practices. 

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