Our attorneys are well recognized for being involved in the electricity sector since its privatization process in the late 1990s.

Such knowledge and expertise also comes from actively participating in the discussion and negotiation of statutes, amendments to legislation and decisions related to the Guatemalan and Central American energy sector.


Our Energy, Public Utilities and Infrastructure practice includes:

  • Representing  a wide range of local and international energy project developers,  including   several  technologies  such as thermo, solar, geothermal, hydroelectric, wind and biomass
  • Negotiation  of  construction contracts such as EPC, BOT and Open- Books 
  • Structuring for financing energy and infrastructure projects 
  • Mergers and cross-border acquisitions 
  • Representing  international   oil  and gas companies in multinational projects 
  • Compliance   of   legal   and   regulatory  aspects  and  requirements imposed by public authorities 
  • Key   regulatory   aspects   to  consider  for  structuring  green  field projects 
  • Counsel to generators, distributors, trading and transport companies within the electricity sector 
  • Negotiation  of long  term contracts for the construction, operation and/or   transfer  of   port   facilities,   public   highways   and  other infrastructure projects 
  • Participating  in  local  and  international  public and  private bidding process,   public  private  partnerships  arrangements,  auctions  and concession-granting mechanisms